All sales contracts will be governed by the following general conditions.

1. DELAY IN DELIVERY: there is a tolerance of 18 days for the delivery date quoted in the order confirmation. As the seller bears no responsibility for any possible delays, the buyer remains obliged to make any due payment even in the case of late delivery.

Strikes, breakdowns, difficulties in supply of raw materials are to be considered force majeure and, as such, they exclude any responsibility on the part of the seller for delays in delivery. An early delivery does not imply an earlier payment.

2. RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE GOODS: the goods in transit are under the buyer’s responsibility, even if sold in carriage paid terms DDP.

3. TOLERANCES: the execution of the contract includes specific commercial tolerances in terms of weight, composition or measurements, as stated in product specifications.

4. PAYMENTS: payments must be made at the Seller’s headquarter or to his appointed representatives.

5. UNPAID INVOICE(S): If the Customer fails to pay one or more invoices or installments, the Seller has the right to put on hold any order until the debt has been entirely paid.

6. LATE PAYMENT PENALTY: In case of a late payment, interest shall accrue on the overdue amount from the date overdue until the date paid, as stated by D.Lgs 231 dated 2002.

7. COMPLAINTS: Any complaint for patent defects must be sent in writing within 10 days from the delivery of the goods. Any complaints for latent defects must be sent in writing within 8 days from the date of defect notification receipt and must not exceed 6 months from the delivery date. The Seller’s liability is limited to the value of the fabric.

8. RETURN OF THE GOODS: goods may only be returned if authorized by the Seller in writing No complaint will be accepted for goods already processed, stored inadequately or sold to a third party.

9. OWNERSHIP GUARANTEE: the goods, even if processed, remain the Seller’s property until paid in full.

10. RIGHTS OF THE SELLER: The Seller has the right to inspect the goods within 8 days from the date of the complaint and has 6 weeks to make any necessary adjustments or replace the goods.

11. PLACE OF JURISDICTION: Any dispute arising from or related to the present contract will be submitted exclusively to the Court of Justice in Prato.

12. PRIVACY. The client is aware of the statements on the new EU Regulation 2016/677, available from the corporate website. The client signs both the order confirmation and the consent of the data processing according to the criteria stated in the Regulation.

AC Acetato GL Fibra di Vetro PAR Para Aramide PY Polinosico

AF Altre fibre JU Juta PC Acrilico RA Ramiè

BB Bambu LI Lino PE Polietilene SE Seta

CO Cotone MAR Meta Aramide PL Poliestere UHMW Dyneema

CU Cupro MD Modal PP Polipropilene VI Viscosa

EA Elastomero ME Metallo PU Poliuretano WO Lana

EL Elastomero PA Poliammide PVC Pvc