lenzi tecnoline
Straight on target

Textile solution born from targeted research

Research, study and development of fabrics using advanced fibers and technologies to offer a textile solution for sport, outdoor, military and work wear applications.


Cotton and cordura yarns in an intimate blend for maximum lightness and breathability created for military clothing and today also used for Outdoor and Mountain.


Stretch textile materials they use high tenacity fibers, such as Cordura, Kevlar, Dyneema and still others, designed for clothing and footwear with great performance and maximum comfort.


A Range of fabrics made with Kevlar® reinforcements for maximum lightweight but at same time great mechanical resistance. 


As strong as an armadillo skin

Fabrics with PU-coated yarn for maximum abrasion .


The use of fishing lines gives this collection of fabrics great lightness and maximum breathability, without sacrificing excellent mechanical performance.

Particularly designed for use in the sector of motorcycle clothing, sports and mountain footwear and also security.



Eco-sustainable fabric that uses PET fibers recycled from plastic bottles, keeping excellent levels of mechanical resistance when used in the REINFORCED version.

RCS brand certificates with attest to the ability these fabrics to steal the intrusive plastic bottles from nature otherwise dispersed into the environment.



“Seam less” fabrics, a peculiar Jacquard weaving technique to integrate areas of various technical characteristic within the same panel or upper. The ability to customize these designs makes them ideal for making footwear ortechnical clothing with minimal use of joints, which have always represented the weakness and discomfort areas.

Garments and footwear made with Perspair® can combine the characteristics of all Tecnoline families in a single product.

air spring


An air cushion that adds value to your products

Airspring ™ Technology is an innovative insole system that offers the effect of walking on an “air cushion.

and the research continues...

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