Our contribution to the environment

Thanks to an old technique of heavy carding, developed in Prato as early as 1800, the Prato textile industry has always recovered disused clothes and textile waste, the “famous” stracci (rags), to obtain new fabrics. It was from the trade of “stracci” that the Lenzi Egisto company started in the late 1800s.

Modern looms cut out the side parts of the fabric, known as “selvedges”, which are usually thrown away. Lenzi Egisto FF has resumed its old traditions, and since few years we are now recovering our selvedges, collecting them, selecting them based on the composition, so to obtain new fibers to produce yarns and non-woven fabrics entirely recycled.

This video shows the phases of the recovery of materials, from the selvedge, to the fiber up to the felt thus obtained.
Our partners have been selected within a maximum distance of 15 km from our headquarters to minimize transport.

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