REcycled PET = REPET

Repet is a line of eco-sustainable,and at the same time highly technical fabrics,that reduces the exploitation of natural resorces by finding a second life for recycled plastic containers,bottles,post-industrial waste and scraps of sweater and fabrics,while at same time maintaining quality characteristics and comfort of the fabric itself. 

Our direct contribution

Lenzi Egisto also reuses its textile waste in a virtuous cycle to reduce the environmental impact

Environmentally friendly production

To make are our contribution to improving the environment,we decided to use yarn made of PET,subtracting the plastic bottles to produce our fabrics.

With a meter of Repet fabrics we subtract 22 bottles of 2 liter from the environment. With one meter of Repet Reinforced fabric we subtract 11,5 bottles of 2 liter from environment.

The Repet fabrics are certified by RCS ICEA- TX-1075

Without REPET Thanks to REPET


When used as textile fiber PET has characteristics of low to medium tenacity,and therefore it has relatively low mechanical strengh properties, we have created a formula, called REPET REINFORCED ,which allows to use about 50% of recycled fiber,while maintaining excellent levels of mechanical performance such as resistance to traction,tearing,abrasion.

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