X-INERGY is born

L-Protection® presents the new textile insert, only 4 mm thick, capable to resist the tip of 3 mm in diameter at over 1250N of force, as required by the new EN ISO 20356-4 standard.

Produced by FF in Vaiano, X-Inergy is available both in 100% High Tenacity fiber and in the eco-sustainable “REPET” version. This is a line of eco-sustainable fabrics that allows to reduce the exploitation of natural resources, giving a second life to recycled plastic containers and bottles, but at the same time maintaining high quality and comfort characteristics available both for the textile inserts, but also for upper fabrics.

Recycled PET when used as a textile fiber has medium/low tenacity, with relatively low mechanical performances. This why FF developed for the use as Footwear uppers REINFORCED REPET, a blend of new High Tenacity fibers and recycled PET (about 50%), using recycled PET fibers thou capable to guarantee excellent levels of performance, resistance to traction, flexing, abrasion. Both REPET and REINFORCED REPET are RCS certified.

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